What you can do to lower blood pressure using natural alternatives

Effective Blood Pressure Supplements

If you don’t like taking blood pressure medication and would like to find a better way to control your blood pressure, here is some information that might be helpful.

Let’s Talk About Supplements

There are a surprising number of dietary supplements that may have a leveling effect on your blood pressure. I say “may” because what works for one person might not work for another. You may try a supplement that works for someone else but doesn’t work for you, and the one that works for you may do nothing for someone else. I personally use 500 mg cinnamon capsules and that works for me, but you might not like cinnamon. In fact, cinnamon might cause a reaction in you where it didn’t in me. I looked for this reaction because I read about it. Sometimes cinnamon can affect the skin around your mouth, it can cause an allergic reaction. Not life-threatening stuff, but it’s important to me.

I will separate supplements into categories based on what they do, whether or not they are safe to combine with prescribed medications, and any side effects to look out for. A good rule of thumb with any supplement is to have a discussion with your doctor before you start taking anything new.

If you’re already taking some prescribed medications, you must be careful what you combine with them. There can be harmful reactions even though what we are discussing here is a “natural” supplement. There can still be interactions between your chemical-based prescribed medication and the naturally occurring phytochemicals in the supplement. So always be safety minded.

You should also be aware that a lot of doctors don’t like their patients to strike out on their own. It cuts into their profitability when you start looking outside of the typical, standard, pharmaceutical, prescribed medications they make money on. Most doctors will try to discourage you from thinking for yourself. My doctor did, telling me I didn’t know what was in the supplements I took. I persisted though, because not only did they make me feel great, I didn’t like the thought of ever being put on a prescription medication. I even went so far as to shop for a doctor who agreed with and used natural remedies.

My new doctor is a combination naturopath/allopath. Our agreement is that we will use nature’s remedies first, and then if they don’t do the job we will look into allopathic remedies and find what works best.

She asked me what supplements I take, and we talked about my supplements and vitamin regimen. She was knowledgeable and supportive, a much better fit for me and how I like to stay healthy.

The first thing to consider if your blood pressure is starting to climb is your diet. What kinds of foods are you eating every meal? Eating natural, clean, and lean is important for several reasons. It’s an easy way to get your weight under control, number one. Obesity is a major cause of high blood pressure, in people of all ages. Eating processed foods also means you are not getting the nutritional components a healthy body needs…like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Those nutrients help lower blood pressure and are a necessity in your daily diet. If most of your meals came from a bag or a box instead of a farmer’s field and your blood pressure is climbing out of the safe zone, changes need to happen. If you need to pick the leaves or stems off your food and wash it before you eat it, good for you. You are on the right track.

The second important thing you may need to address is exercise. Long term, exercise will lower your blood pressure. It’s true that there is a rise in your blood pressure during exercise, but this is not necessarily dangerous. It’s a normal reaction that occurs when your heart rate is heightened during the workout. Raising your blood pressure and heart rate in this way, if you do it on a regular basis, will have the result of relaxing your blood vessels during the resting state. The benefit comes after you have done the work.

Number three is watch your alcohol intake. Alcohol can raise your blood pressure for both men and women. The American Heart Association recommends no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.

Number four is managing your stress levels. If you experience frequent stress or anxiety in your life, it’s imperative that you find a way to develop a calm mindset. Stress and anxiety affect your body in damaging ways. Training your brain and learning how to focus on good feelings can put you in control of feeling peaceful, confident, and in control in every situation.

Sometimes blood pressure may become high due to a mineral imbalance in your body, and it becomes necessary to supplement with minerals to create that healthy balance.

Some spices contain bioactive compounds that work together to lower blood pressure.


Diuretics remove excess water and sodium from your body. Lowering the amount of fluid pulsing through your veins is intended to lower the pressure. Some doctors prescribe diuretics as a first step in treating high blood pressure. For some people, this simple solution is all they need.

Since diuretics have the effect of causing your body to create more urine to help eliminate excess fluid in your body, they are usually prescribed for people who have resistant types of high blood pressure or who may be salt sensitive. The danger of diuretics can be the side effect of potassium loss, which causes a range of symptoms from leg cramps and fatigue to cardiac problems. Often patients have to either be sure they eat potassium-rich foods if they’re taking these medications or else take a potassium supplement.

Some natural supplements have been shown to do the same thing as many of these medications.

Dandelion extract has a high potassium content, and for this reason is an excellent diuretic. Potassium-rich supplements trigger your kidneys to pass more sodium and water, so if you are experiencing sodium sensitive blood pressure levels a high potassium dandelion supplement could be very effective. You can also drink dandelion tea.

Horsetail is a medicinal plant that has several useful purposes relative to kidney function. It has been through clinical trials showing its benefit as a diuretic.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

Some supplements as well as some foods that dilate your blood vessels allow your blood to flow more easily by boosting your nitric oxide levels. This relaxes the walls of your veins and enlarges the area for your blood to flow more easily through your body, thus lowering the pressure.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It causes the inner muscles of the blood vessels to relax, and the blood vessels expand. Blood flow increases and blood pressure decreases.

Supplements that have a positive effect on nitric oxide levels in your body don’t actually contain nitric oxide. Rather, they contain compounds that cause your body to produce higher levels of nitric oxide.


Surprisingly, too much of some spices can cause problems. Use spices with caution and be educated on their possible side effects. Spices like cinnamon, cumin, garlic, and cayenne pepper work wonders in lowering blood pressure. Adding them as seasonings to the foods you eat every day will help you regulate blood pressure as well as other health issues like blood sugar (cinnamon) and cardiovascular health (cayenne pepper).


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