What you can do to lower blood pressure using natural alternatives

There are two types, or categories, of high blood pressure. They are 1:Essential high blood pressure (essential hypertension), and 2:Secondary high blood pressure (secondary hypertension). Your doctor should be able to tell you which type applies to your situation.

The labels indicate two variations of the same health condition. The difference between these two types of high blood pressure conditions are the causes. In the first type (essential), the cause of the condition may not easily be pinpointed. In the case of essential high blood pressure, the rise in blood pressure is gradual and occurs over time. Although there are certain risk factors that are linked to essential high blood pressure, the cause is not always clear-cut. Family history, lifestyle, age, and race have all been linked to essential high blood pressure. A sensitivity to salt can also be a factor. People whose diets contain low amounts of salt do not tend to develop essential high blood pressure.

The way essential blood pressure is defined could make you think it is beyond your control. All it really means is that you need to look at the risk factors and determine which of these are present in your life. You can then make some related dietary and/or lifestyle changes and track your results.

Secondary high blood pressure can be linked to a cause. The causes of secondary high blood pressure may include medications you are taking (even birth control pills), kidney disease, sleep apnea, an alcohol habit, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Disease, hormone fluctuations such as those that occur during menopause, and more.

Treating the underlying medical cause of your high blood pressure should lower it back down to normal in many cases. Sometimes, however, it isn’t that cut and dried and it may take some effort to get it under control.

My challenge to you is this: Take control of your health. Take responsibility for your current health situation and take steps to improve it. Join a gym, be more proactive with your diet and choose your foods wisely, season your food with heart healthy seasonings like turmeric with curcumin, garlic, and cayenne instead of salt. Your lifestyle and habits (genetics aside) are what brought you to this point, and developing a NEW lifestyle and NEW habits can get you on the road to recovery. You have to develop a wellness mindset and a determination to change if you really want to be well, healthy, vibrant, energetic.

OR…you can shuffle obediently to the pharmacy every month and buy more drugs.

Your call.



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